Abundance Plantation Management Services Pvt. Ltd


Are you a nature lover?
Are you the outdoor type?
Then,Here you are...

AB Plantation can provide you a career that can suit your own talents and inclination. As the premier integrated plantation services corporate , AB Plantation, can provide opportunities that perhaps no other company can - work can be fun when elephants have to be chased away to ensure picking of coffee beans, wild boar and deer have to be kept at bay from the fruit crops and an occasional leopard to be photographed. You can hike in the mountains over the weekend or enjoy a more tame pursuit of happiness in the wild.

So, whether you are professionally qualified, an agriculturist, an engineer or a graduate, we can provide an exciting work environment with adequate independence for your abilities to bloom. Challenges come in the form of normal work or the opportunity to bring about economic changes in the rural hinterland of our country.

We are looking for independent, mature people willing to put in hard work. We will ensure that you acquire sufficient domain knowledge to be a positive contributor.

Please send your resumes to : info@abplantation.com